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While every diamond is unique, all diamonds share certain structural features. A diamond’s anatomy, or its basic structure, determines its proportions, brilliance, dispersion and scintillation. Each part of the diamond has a specific name, and having a basic understanding of how each part contributes to the diamond as a whole will help you find your perfect diamond. A diamond is comprised of the eight main components. They are Table, Crown, Girdle, Pavilion, and Culet. Below is a brief description of each part of a diamond and its location.

Group 2795.png


> Largest facet of a diamond
> Always a flat surface
> Resembles a table top

Group 2796.png


> Extends from the table
> Ends at the top of the girdle
> Step or brilliant cut facets

Group 2797.png


> Outer edge of diamond
> Widest point on a diamond
> Where crown & pavilion meet
> Either rough, polished or faceted

Group 2800.png


> Located at the bottom
> Bridges the girdle & culet
> Determines light reflection
> Quality cuts allow for max light

Group 2801.png


> Smallest facet of a diamond
> Located at the very bottom tip
> Used to protect the pavilion
> Modern methods renders it.
> unnecessary, but it’s still in use


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